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Figure Drawing

A little rusty, but I started figure drawing again:

I will check out a camera sometime soon so I can take better quality photos.

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Christmas Eve

My friend, Chin, did a Photoshop painting demo for me yesterday. I hope I only get better with Photoshop from here. I was trying to imitate Chin’s painting process, just to give it a shot. Thanks Chin!

I was really excited to see my schoolmate and friend,¬†Anthony, using pixel art for his junior animation, and I was impressed with his color palette and animation style. I’m glad he uploaded it on Vimeo.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/33999105]

Today’s Christmas Eve, so I hope everybody’s at home enjoying the holidays with their family and friends. Merry Christmas!

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Poor Piggy

Tonight, I drew this quick and dirty comic for my friend who is having bike troubles. Ha, I’m a pretty useless friend. All I can do is hug, give flowers, and draw pretty pictures.

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Junk Boat Harbor

Found this sketch lying around while I was organizing my computer the other day.

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Kitty Whiskers | Panel 1

I illustrated a 4-panel Rapunzel-like story that is titled, for the time being, Kitty Whiskers. I was only required to finish one panel, so here’s the first panel. Since I’m still in pre-production on my short film, I’m holding off finishing the remaining 3 panels for a few weeks.

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Last Week’s Sketches

my website will soon be remodeled…

A drawing I did of a house by a river during the 10-hour bus ride to the Ottawa Animation Festival…

…drawings done during the presentations…

…and more Captain HP drawings…

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