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New York

I visited New York this weekend and brought my sketchbook along. I did the drawings below as well as some really bad life drawings that prompted me to go back to drawing in big sketchbooks.

One of them looks like Tangled. I’m actually really obsessed with Eyvind Earle’s designs for Sleeping Beauty, so I roughed that drawing out with Earle in mind before boarding my bus. I do have Glen Keane’s pencil drawings for Tangled pinned up over my desk, that might explain the Disney’s Rapunzel girl.

I borrowed Jon’s Once Upon A Time In The West DVD. So good!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIgNCD3nzOg]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReHF1iDoYqU]

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Poor Piggy

Tonight, I drew this quick and dirty comic for my friend who is having bike troubles. Ha, I’m a pretty useless friend. All I can do is hug, give flowers, and draw pretty pictures.

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Sad Bean

My 2D animation class is making short Flash animations based on the Bean I doodled last week.

Last year, I did an animation loop of a rabbit riding a carrot-shaped spaceship. Afterward, some of my classmates were handing in loops of rabbits or carrots, sometimes in space. At the end of the semester, our loops were compiled into a sequence titled, Carrot Schtick (I wasn’t present for that). I’m not sure if it was my doing but I was reminded of that by this project. Although, this time we voted on a character to focus on.

I would put up my own storyboard but I actually want to show off an animatic by my funny and talented friend, Frank Gidlewski:

Frank sneaked in some of his personality while still keeping it cute to match my drawing style. I appreciate it.

Also, last night I prepared a character sheet for a stressed out schoolteacher for Jon:

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I did new sketches for Toto, Captain HP’s rabbit companion, to make him better to animate and cuter. I’m sure Toto is a pretty generic name for a bunny (at least in Cantonese), but it’s so cute, I had to go with it.

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