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It’s been a while, so I’ll give you one of my recent sketches to look at. My friend sent me a dirty song and I was inspired.

I also updated my illustration page on my “portfolio site.” I’m still not sure how I like having WordPress to put my work up. Everything’s still kind of a mess, but I’m trying not to jump from website to website like I’ve been doing the past couple years. Perhaps I should invest in a domain name.


New York

I visited New York this weekend and brought my sketchbook along. I did the drawings below as well as some really bad life drawings that prompted me to go back to drawing in big sketchbooks.

One of them looks like Tangled. I’m actually really obsessed with Eyvind Earle’s designs for Sleeping Beauty, so I roughed that drawing out with Earle in mind before boarding my bus. I do have Glen Keane’s pencil drawings for Tangled pinned up over my desk, that might explain the Disney’s Rapunzel girl.

I borrowed Jon’s Once Upon A Time In The West DVD. So good!



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Hot Cocoa Run

Drew these the other day during a quick Starbucks run for hot cocoa. I need to practice hands more.

Thursday Night

Sketched this self portrait thing last night. I gave up pretty quickly when I figured I needed to get back into observational drawing. It’s been a while.


My classmate and fellow Gundam fan, Aaron, animated this. I’m posting this because it’s awesome, and I asked him how he made the fire/energy effect and I want to keep his answer in a safe place: my blog.

“I used Particles in After Effects to flow up and combined with a glow effect, vector blur, and light burst. I used a luma to make the center of the aura transparent (I made it so the beginning color from the center was white and keyed that out)”

Thanks Aaron!

Yoga Poses

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Drew a series of poses for my yoga final tomorrow. I tore ‘Table Pose’ out of my notebook because I didn’t think it counted as a pose. But the drawing is still cute! In some, I didn’t realize that I mixed up left and right and my directions didn’t follow my drawings, because I’m a silly fool. I’m also plagued with ugly handwriting.

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Bar Sketches

I’ve been telling myself for the longest time to sketch at cafes more often, but I don’t sit down for coffee often so it would take quite some effort. I decided this weekend I would do it but instead at a bar, since there are more interesting people. Andy Hood and I had a bit of trouble finding bars full of people at 5PM on a Saturday, but after a short walk, we settled on Tattooed Mom.

I drew the man in the red cap twice but I made his cap bigger in the second sketch because he seemed to have a lot on his mind…or he was just bored.

I drew the bartender (with the glasses) and it was a pretty lousy sketch. Then I realized how menacing his glasses could look, so he became the devil in my second sketch of him.

I sketched with this handy Faber-Castell pencil I’ve had lying around my house since I was a kid. I’m pretty sure this pencil is older than I am. It was totally untouched and unsharpened until this summer since it’s too big for normal sharpeners, but I whittle my pencils with knives now. After tonight, I think I’m falling in love with this pencil.

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City on Fire

A sketch I did today for a project I’m working on for my friend the filmmaker Jon.