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Figure Drawing

A little rusty, but I started figure drawing again:

I will check out a camera sometime soon so I can take better quality photos.

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Where is the train going?

I found another old sketch from summer of 2010. I did a study of a frame from Jay Chou’s music video to get a better sense of cinematic lighting and color. I haven’t followed Taiwanese pop since high school but last summer, when I found out that Jay Chou was going to play Kato in Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet, I started watching Jay Chou’s music videos again for a brief period. I started studies on other movies like Harry Potter but they’re lost in my hard drive.

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Captain HP

Meet Captain H.P., the protagonist of my current animation project which is currently in planning stages. These are unrefined sketches from a month ago.

Here’s a glimpse of my storyboard as well.

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Train stations and dead things

I drew a model yesterday. Here’s one of my drawings…I was pretty burnt out afterwards but I still had to work on this drawing of three characters at a train station. Of course my sketches were fairly terrible so I started drawing dead characters to emote my fatigue.

Also did a few sack drawings. My colleagues didn’t expect my sack to be filled with blue blood.

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