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My First 3D Walk Cycle

Well on my way to becoming a 3D animator! (I hope.) Not the most tasteful background choices, but I just wanted to be silly. The image doesn’t belong to me. I found it via Google.

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Christmas Eve

My friend, Chin, did a Photoshop painting demo for me yesterday. I hope I only get better with Photoshop from here. I was trying to imitate Chin’s painting process, just to give it a shot. Thanks Chin!

I was really excited to see my schoolmate and friend, Anthony, using pixel art for his junior animation, and I was impressed with his color palette and animation style. I’m glad he uploaded it on Vimeo.


Today’s Christmas Eve, so I hope everybody’s at home enjoying the holidays with their family and friends. Merry Christmas!

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Thursday Night

Sketched this self portrait thing last night. I gave up pretty quickly when I figured I needed to get back into observational drawing. It’s been a while.


My classmate and fellow Gundam fan, Aaron, animated this. I’m posting this because it’s awesome, and I asked him how he made the fire/energy effect and I want to keep his answer in a safe place: my blog.

“I used Particles in After Effects to flow up and combined with a glow effect, vector blur, and light burst. I used a luma to make the center of the aura transparent (I made it so the beginning color from the center was white and keyed that out)”

Thanks Aaron!

Astronaut and the Orb of Light

Recently did some work on my astronaut. Note, I will probably be making some major changes to my plot. These may or may not show up in the final product, but they are still very nice and I will try my best to keep them in.


I’m trying to be more conscious about how I put my work up, hence the crazy name stamping. Sorry, I also think it’s kind of  funny.

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Sad Bean

My 2D animation class is making short Flash animations based on the Bean I doodled last week.

Last year, I did an animation loop of a rabbit riding a carrot-shaped spaceship. Afterward, some of my classmates were handing in loops of rabbits or carrots, sometimes in space. At the end of the semester, our loops were compiled into a sequence titled, Carrot Schtick (I wasn’t present for that). I’m not sure if it was my doing but I was reminded of that by this project. Although, this time we voted on a character to focus on.

I would put up my own storyboard but I actually want to show off an animatic by my funny and talented friend, Frank Gidlewski:

Frank sneaked in some of his personality while still keeping it cute to match my drawing style. I appreciate it.

Also, last night I prepared a character sheet for a stressed out schoolteacher for Jon:

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Background Animation Test

Figured I should run a quick test render of the background before I spend more time on it. Considering I’m hand drawing my characters, I’m going to try adding some hand drawn elements to the background to tie everything together. That includes redesigning that clunky monitor.

I’ve been pretty stressed and overwhelmed by work that I don’t want to do.

B.J. Thomas is making me feel a little better.

Ship interior

Originally, I wanted to do 3D backgrounds but I decided to use a method that would show off my design skills in the best way, so I’m making them in After Effects. I’d say it’s a third of the way there right now. Video Copilot is helping a lot.

For most of last semester, I worked with Ratatouille on loop. It keeps me in the zone to have the same movie playing over and over, but I’ve gotten to a point where I occasionally say or mouth the dialogue along with the movie since I’ve heard it so many times.

Update: Approximately 2 hours later…

Ugh, well it doesn’t look like I did much more but I definitely did because there are other versions of this BG for different scenes.

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