Sad Bean

My 2D animation class is making short Flash animations based on the Bean I doodled last week.

Last year, I did an animation loop of a rabbit riding a carrot-shaped spaceship. Afterward, some of my classmates were handing in loops of rabbits or carrots, sometimes in space. At the end of the semester, our loops were compiled into a sequence titled, Carrot Schtick (I wasn’t present for that). I’m not sure if it was my doing but I was reminded of that by this project. Although, this time we voted on a character to focus on.

I would put up my own storyboard but I actually want to show off an animatic by my funny and talented friend, Frank Gidlewski:

Frank sneaked in some of his personality while still keeping it cute to match my drawing style. I appreciate it.

Also, last night I prepared a character sheet for a stressed out schoolteacher for Jon:

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