After a couple months of trying out WordPress, I official returned to Blogspot and I don’t plan on leaving again. It’s been fun WordPress!


Switching blogs

I may be switching back to Blogspot in a couple weeks because my favorite artists and bloggers use it, and it’ll be easier for me to follow them and leave comments. Still trying to figure out what to do about a portfolio site but I’m keeping my wordpress one up for now.

For now, I have a lot of projects going on so no real changes yet.


It’s been a while, so I’ll give you one of my recent sketches to look at. My friend sent me a dirty song and I was inspired.

I also updated my illustration page on my “portfolio site.” I’m still not sure how I like having WordPress to put my work up. Everything’s still kind of a mess, but I’m trying not to jump from website to website like I’ve been doing the past couple years. Perhaps I should invest in a domain name.

My First 3D Walk Cycle

Well on my way to becoming a 3D animator! (I hope.) Not the most tasteful background choices, but I just wanted to be silly. The image doesn’t belong to me. I found it via Google.

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Figure Drawing

A little rusty, but I started figure drawing again:

I will check out a camera sometime soon so I can take better quality photos.

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New York

I visited New York this weekend and brought my sketchbook along. I did the drawings below as well as some really bad life drawings that prompted me to go back to drawing in big sketchbooks.

One of them looks like Tangled. I’m actually really obsessed with Eyvind Earle’s designs for Sleeping Beauty, so I roughed that drawing out with Earle in mind before boarding my bus. I do have Glen Keane’s pencil drawings for Tangled pinned up over my desk, that might explain the Disney’s Rapunzel girl.

I borrowed Jon’s Once Upon A Time In The West DVD. So good!



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Hot Cocoa Run

Drew these the other day during a quick Starbucks run for hot cocoa. I need to practice hands more.